What is RURB?

Regulatory burdens arise from the costs imposed by regulation and enforcement that would otherwise not arise for businesses. Where requirements from regulation create a change in business behaviour and practices, a regulatory burden can be said to exist. Regulations can adversely impact on businesses in various ways. Most fall under the following four categories of cost impacts:

  • Administrative and operational requirements, such as:
    • Reporting, record keeping
    • Getting legal advice, training
  • Requirements on the way goods are produced or services supplied, such as:
    • Prescriptions on production methods
    • Occupational registration requirements, requiring professionals to use particular techniques
  • Requirements on the characteristics of what is produced or supplied, such as:
    • Being required to provide air bags in all motor vehicles
    • Requiring teachers or trainers to cover particular topics
  • Lost production and marketing opportunities due to prohibitions, such as:
    • When certain products or services are banned.